Testimonials from Our Clients & Friends


We enjoy what we do, and we get great satisfaction in working on behalf of our clients toward a successful resolution of their case. 

Although there are some things which we cannot absolutely control (such as the decisions by Judges), we do put everything we have into representing our clients. We always appreciate the kind words that we receive from our clients and friends, and even their constructive criticism, when it is offered.  Here are a few comments we have received:

Again, I appreciate the great work you and Esther have done and are doing  on my behalf.  It will not be in Vain.

Thank you

G. Bailey


After I managed to get out of a very abusive and bad relationship, my ex-boyfriend began to stalk me.  I was scarred, scared and had financial constraints that I was afraid would prevent me from getting the legal support I needed.

But, Esther was so attentive and fabulous to work with. I never felt like I was a number, even though I know she had a huge caseload. She would meet with me anywhere and anytime, keeping in mind that I was on a budget. She went out of her way to be so compassionate to me and was always so professional in handling my case.  I was under so much stress, and she helped me both inside and outside the courtroom. 

When I had to go up on the stand to testify in front of my stalker, I was frightened and in a state of confusion.  Esther asked questions in such a way that helped me to focus, remain calm and relieve my confusion and fear so I could testify.  She quickly got the results I needed.  She befriended me, treated me with incredible dignity, took care of me and took care of my problem, so I could move on with my life and heal.

Esther believes in empowering victims of domestic violence.  She represents women like me who need encouragement to become strong and helps them to feel that they have regained control and turned the tables on the people who have been beating them down.  She made me – as well as other women – feel like Wonder Woman, standing up for myself in and outside the courtroom.

Brooke B.


Dear Esther, Joy & Staff:

I know I called to thank everyone, but I just want to say it again.  I couldn't be more happy with the outcome, Pre-Paid Legal is aware of how happy I am, and how well it was handled.  It's not as if I don't realize I may have been a "tad" difficult, and a "wee-bit" high-strung, but I have felt beaten down by the legal system for 11 years, and I tell you, it makes all the difference to have a competent lawyer, highly competent - including staff, and I hope the lawyer I get in Texas can measure up.

Thank you again, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Panitch Law Group to anyone who needs help.


D. Thomas


Thank You!  and May God Smile on all of us during these difficult times and in the New Year Ahead - my Best To You and your Families.

J. Kina



When my ex-spouse and I were going through an uncontested divorce it seemed pretty straightforward and uncomplicated, until we needed to do all the paperwork. Esther and Rachel did an awesome job of keeping all the paperwork clear and organized and were always just a phone call or email away to answer all our questions and made it as simple and uncomplicated as possible for us.  We are truly grateful for the professional and compassionate way they navigated us through the process.


You guys are the best!


J. Boettcher 



Initially I was represented by a different firm when I filed for divorce.  The day that I paid my retainer, I knew that I had made a mistake.  Six months later, I was referred to The Panitch Law Group.  During my consultation with Esther Panitch, her proficiency, honesty, sincerity, and integrity were all apparent.  Given my experience with the previous firm, I consulted with several attorneys to ensure that I was making the best decision for my family.  In the end, all roads led back to Esther Panitch as I couldn’t shake her from my mind.  After closely working with her during my divorce, I found that she wasn’t shaken by my former spouse!

On paper, I was the bread-winner and the wife of a self-employed contractor.  I also had a special needs child who wasn’t school-age.  Esther Panitch was a self-study and quickly gained insight into our joint finances.  She listened intensely to the standards I had established for our minor children.  Esther Panitch initiated a deposition and took on the tough and intimate questions that my previous attorney shied away from.  That very day, I am convinced that my spouse realized that there was truly a new sheriff in town.  Not long after the deposition ended, we began preparing our counter proposal.

Esther Panitch was always available for me, even on nights and weekends.  She was highly organized and always arrived early to my divorce proceedings.  Her knowledge of the law, penchant for justice, self-confidence, and passion for ensuring a financially secure future for my family, were the primary drivers for her success with my case.  In less than 60 days of retaining Esther Panitch, we were able to reach a settlement whereby I maintained both of my retirement funds and the marital residence.  More importantly, I was granted the morals clause and visitation schedule that best supports the religious upbringing I wanted for my children.

I realize that everyone won’t be as fortunate as I was in terms of having a second chance at retaining an attorney.  I would encourage anyone to make the best decision for your future the first time by allowing The Panitch Law Group to represent you.


Karen Teeter




                I would like to take this time to thank you and your staff for your confidence in me as your client, for your professionalism in dealing with this case and your personal touch allowing me to feel comfortable with this situation and relieving me of a heavy burden. The quick resolution of this case still amazes me.


My Chief Financial Officer,

And my Staff


Mr. Sherman


I should have sought legal representation for my circumstance long before I ultimately did.  I think many years of doubt, fueled by misinformation about the chances of fathers in the legal system, prevented me from even seeking legal advice.  Something along the lines of "The legal system is biased in favor or mothers. You know fathers don't stand a chance in the courtroom." is representative of the sentiments I had heard many times over the years.  Another sentiment I heard growing up is "You'll do something when you're sick and tired of being sick and tired."  The latter sentiment is what finally compelled me to seek representation.  As most do, I contacted family, friends, and acquaintances and communicated with lawyers that came via recommendation.  All were either prohibitively expensive or invariably lacked some quality that made me uncomfortable with their services.  By a stroke of luck, fate, or divine intervention I was referred to Esther through Prepaid Legal at the time.  I met with her, not really knowing how I would afford it, but I knew I had to do something.  Esther was professional, compassionate and relatable.  She worked on my case that night.  Esther was thorough, pragmatic, and passionate in her approach to my case.  Initially, my vehicle was caught up in the litigation, and she gave me a ride to every court appearance.  Eventually, I got my car back, but most importantly, I got my kids back, full custody.  All of the doubt that had initially plagued my decision was removed.  Fathers absolutely do stand a chance in the courtroom...especially if they have Esther.
Mark S.