First Lawsuit filed in Georgia....

Esther Panitch and Natalie Woodward have filed one of the first lawsuits in Georgia against a predator, pastor, church and the Boy Scouts for the cover up of multiple allegations of sexual abuse (to which he confessed to law enforcement) by a community leader and former Scout Master in Gainesville, Georgia.
Our client and the lawsuit will be the subject of this Sunday's front page story in the AJC. If you or someone you know has been or is a victim of sexual abuse (no matter how many years ago you were abused), you only have a short time to file a civil lawsuit for damages. Please call us so we can evaluate your case for no charge and direct you to resources so you do not have to continue to suffer. You are not alone. Please call us at 770-364-6952. Please click the following link for the full complaint that was filed: